No Stimulus for ITINs

May 12th, 2008 Cyril Alex Posted in Life, USA 6 Comments »

When I told my friend that my tax consultant got me a great refund he said something revealing. “It’s your money. Stupid!”.Most of us think of the tax refunds as a gift from the US government and are all smiles when we get the checks. The point is it is tax that you have overpaid. Money that’s legally yours. At least for most of us.

This year the government decided to give you a gift. The so called ‘stimulus package’ that was supposed to give the economy a boost (Really?). After checking my bank account every 3 minutes on the day I was supposed to receive my stimulus package I have found out to my dismay that I am not getting any stimulus.

The stimulus is given only to those who have an SSN. I have one. But my wife does not. So since we filed jointly we are not eligible for the stimulus package. If you have not understood this let me rephrase it. If you are on H1 and your wife is on H4 and thus has no SSN but an ITIN and you have filed taxes jointly you have no use for George Bush.The logic beats me. If you have an ITIN that means you have paid taxes. ITINS are like the Indian PAN numbers. You either need an SSN or an ITIN for filing taxes. So the government takes your tax but feels that you have no need for a stimulus.

  • If you are unmarried on H1 you get the stimulus.
  • If you are on L1 and married your wife can get an SSN and you get stimulus.
  • If you and your wife have SSN but your child does not your child allowance ($300) will not be given.

And that’s where it hurts. My beloved, enviable colleagues have gotten the money and instead of wishing Good morning keep asking “got the money?” ever since they got the money.

I know I am sounding like a crybaby but you tell me I have no reason to crib about and I would try to believe you (only if you haven’t got the money yourself).

This has all spoiled my vacation plans and my summer is going to be spent with just some potluck dinners around my neighborhood, with same Desi’s who have not received any stimulus themselves.

The worst affected people are some US military men who have married foreign spouses. The Spouses are yet to be eligible for an SSN.

So be aware. And cancel that trip to Orlando. This year your Disney experience would only be watching High School Musicalon TV.

This is what IRS says in their site about ITINs.

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